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Bujo inspo: 100+ collection bullet journal page ideas for 2022

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

"GOAL for 2022: collect beautiful moments"

I don't know if it's just me, but 2021 flew by and 2022 is creeping up quick! To kick start the holidays I'm starting my bullet journal prep a little early. Lately I've been inspired with a ton of ideas, I can't fit ALL of them in my upcoming bujo...So I figure why not share these ideas. Here's a ton of page ideas to collect in you bullet journal! I like to call them BONUS pages!

Productivity and Finances

  • To do list

  • Master to do list in the beginning of year or month

  • Project list

  • Content planner

  • Tracker of hours worked on a project

  • Habit tracker

  • Spending and budget tracker

  • Specific savings goal

  • Daily business tracker

  • Chore list

  • Weekly cleaning list

  • Daily cleaning list

  • Event planning list and mood board

  • Brain dump

  • DIY projects to try

  • Birthday and holiday list

  • Christmas gift list

  • Yearly overview

  • Monthly subscriptions, mail in or out

Health and Wellness

  • Meal plan

  • Workout routine

  • Self care ideas

  • What to do on a bad day list of self care ideas

  • Recipe page

  • Food journal

  • Shopping list

  • Symptom log

  • Tracker for: water intake, period, habits, measurements, weight loss, sleep, mood, steps taken, medications, or productivity

Self reflection and journaling

  • Gratitude log

  • One line (or 2 a day)

  • Currently or check in spread

  • Vision or mood board

  • Things that make you happy

  • Mindfulness weekly prompts (mantra or motivation Monday, Tuesday tip, Wednesday word, Thursday thought or truth, Friday fact or favorite, Saturday saying, Sunday song.)

  • Things to do for whole hearted living

  • Detox list

  • Reflecting at the end of each day

  • Memory of the day

  • Memories and highlight of the month

  • Paying it forward list

  • One thing I like about myself daily log

  • Mantra and affirmation of the month

  • Miracle morning checklist

  • Values list

  • About me


  • Level 10 life

  • Personal goals

  • Action plan for specific goal

  • Want/wishlist

  • Skills to learn

  • Bucket list

Family pages

  • Funny things your kids say

  • Bucket list of things to do with the family

  • Game night ideas

  • Date night ideas

  • Moving list

  • Pet tracker

  • Important event tracker

  • Recipes or projects to do with kids

  • Mini moments of the week

  • Friends and family contact info

  • Baby's first teeth tracker

  • Baby milestones

  • About me: kids version

  • Your kids (or spouse's) favorites

  • Favorite photos

  • School supply list

  • Homework assignment trackers

  • Watch me grow page

Favorite interests

  • Books to read

  • Movies or TV shows to watch

  • Favorite quotes

  • Prayer or scripture list

  • Mantras

  • Washi swatch

  • Types of pens reference page

  • Capsule or seasonal wardrobe

  • Moon phases

  • Font combinations

  • Practice handwriting page

  • Templates of layouts to try

  • Playlist: for the month, studying, working out, chilling, or getting ready

  • Bucket list of the season

  • Color palettes for the season

  • New word of the day

  • Theme of each year

Travel documenting

  • Bucket list: to see, eat, go, shop, do, etc.

  • Review of the places you've been

  • Color in map to places you've been

  • Road trip map

  • Scrapbooking pages of memories

  • Packing list

  • Outfit planner

  • Souvenirs to collect

  • Doodle of places visited

  • Polaroid picture spreads

  • Favorite memories

I can say that I've done at least half of this list in my past years of bullet journaling and it's honesty the best part of keeping a bullet journal. I love to look back at the memories and moments documented. I even look back for inspiration and ideas from my past self if I ever felt like I had writer's block. This post is a no nonsense, straight up, no photos, kind of post. Just a HUGE list of ideas I have. Confession: this was actually my mini brain dump for the new year. If you follow me, you'll definitely be seeing a bunch of these pages in my 2022 bujo.

XO, Jenna

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