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Bujo Inspo: 100 Theme ideas for your bullet journal

"Creativity takes courage"

Have you ever struggled to find theme ideas for your monthly bullet journal spreads? I found myself scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest in the beginning of each month. I was spending a little too much time finding inspiration for my layouts. There are the obvious themes that are related to each month but what if you want to switch things up? Here’s a list of cool theme ideas for your monthly and weekly layouts.

Plant + Nature themes

Probably one of my favorite kind of themes to do in my bujo. You can be super detailed and illustrative or be minimal and artsy. The only problem I have is always picking an idea. Here's some of my favorites and some I need to try!

  • Birth flowers for the month

  • Flowers: Peonies, roses, tropical flowers, sunflowers, cherry blossoms, lilies

  • Leaves: Banana leaves, monstera leaves, Fall or Autumn leaves, Eucalyptus, Baby's breath

  • Other:

  • Hanging house plants

  • Tropical flowers

  • Woodland

  • Cactus

  • Acorns

  • Succulents


  • Moon

  • Sun

  • Rainbows

  • Umbrellas and rain

  • Clouds

  • Space/Galaxy

  • Constellations


  • Mountains Outdoors/camping

  • Surfing/beach

  • Ocean/shells/fishes

  • Sunrise/sunsets

  • Jungle theme

Seasonal + Festive themes

This is the most obvious theme ideas but noteworthy to add to this list. These themes are for the moments you're feeling festive and want to live it 24/7.

  • January: Fireworks, Gatsby/1950's theme, celebration puffy gold balloons (you know which ones I'm talking about)

  • February: Generic hearts or real anatomy of hearts, pink theme, anti-valentines day

  • March-May: Easter, Spring vibes, pastel colors

  • June-August: Summer vibes, vacay mode, road trips

  • September-November: Autumn Fall themes, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Pumpkin spice

  • December - Traditional Christmas, white Christmas, elf on the shelf, season Starbucks cups, gifts and ornaments or Christmas playlist

Boho vibes

  • Letters and envelopes

  • Night lights/Market lights

  • Fireflies in a jar

  • Zodiac

  • Crystals

  • Geometric patterns

  • Mosaic patterns

  • Mandalas

  • Minimal one line drawing

  • Minimal drawings of hands

  • Girl head and flowers

  • Arrows

  • Feathers

  • Polaroids

  • Paper airplanes

  • Watercolor

  • Dream catcher

Food and Drinks

  • Coffee or Boba Tea

  • Starbucks cups

  • sushi

  • avocado

  • ramen

  • cupcakes/donuts

  • pineapple

  • watermelon

  • lemon

  • peaches


  • penguins

  • moths/butterflies

  • goldfish

  • birds

  • snakes

  • owls

  • deer

Culture related themed

  • Movements: the future is female, BLM, voting

  • Disney and Disneyland

  • Movies: Avengers, Harry Potter, or Star Wars

  • TV shows: Grey's Anatomy or Schitt's Creek to name a few

  • Asian: Origami, Kokeshi dolls, fish scales, lanterns, Hanafuda cards

  • Fashion brands: Gucci, Coach, Louis Vuitton

  • Greek statues/gods

  • Celebrities and iconic sayings


If you’re not much of an artist, ran out of printer ink, or just want to keep things simple here are different color schemes that you can do to theme each month. It doesn't need to be fancy. All you need to do is splash some paint around, get some cute washi tape, or work with some journal stickers and you got yourself a color scheme.

XO, Jenna


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