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Journal with me: APRIL 2023


I would describe last month as a roller coaster. There were many ups as there was downs and like the rest of this year so far, it's flying FAST!

The first half of my year is supposedly my "slower" portion of the year, so I can't imagine what the rest of 2023 is going to look like.

We are ending this quarter of 2023 and starting quarter two, I can't help but take a breath of relief. I just love new beginnings in any form. With so much that has already happened (and yet to come) I wanted to step back and reflect on a couple of things:

  • At the end of the day what are the things that truly matter and make me happy?

  • What's my MASTER to do list? How can I manage and compartmentalize it?

  • What's my NOT TO DO list?

As you can tell from my vibe, I hope April brings a little more stability, grounding energy, and neutralness.


I love the Easter puns and a mood board that DOESN'T scream Easter. If you agree, this is the vibe for you! We do love that golden egg but they're way more things to get excited for this month. The girls who get it get it. My mood board this month is half vibe and half bucket list for the month.

Here's my intentions when I made this:

April Abundance

Awareness April

Adventure April

Appreciation April

April Ambition