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Journal with me: JUNE 2023


Sorry sis, yesss we are a week into June but when it comes to this....Better late than never. I'm hung over from last month's energy and it took me a while to revamp for June. I just got home from a mini work trip, in Houston, with my hubby so as I intend to....I'm going to shift my focus back to Bujo Bae.


My intentions for June are completely different from May! Last month it was "go go go" energy and full of celebrations. This month it's going to be my time to reset and doing these things:





Let me explain:

  • JUNE JOMO💤: Means finding the joy of missing out. As I said May wiped me out and I'm taking this month to refill my social battery. I personally have a lot planned for the rest of the Summer season so I'm taking my rest when I can. My advice...listen to your body sis. Rest is just as productive.

  • JOYFUL JUNE💕: Like the first intention but focus on the JOY. It's finding the joy in the little things and loving the moments in-between. I'm realizing that these days will be the "good ol days" so why not treat them as such. I'm definitely going to be documenting a little more in my bujo this season.

  • JUST GO FOR IT JUNE💪🏼: Okay, you know me...I can't be resting and pressing snooze the ENTIRE month. I'm ramping up for a busy season and I'm in full prep mode. However, this could be a season for you to do the things you've been holding off. We are half way through 2023! So what are you going to do about it sis?!

  • JUICY JUNE🍑: is more of a personal thing and definitely relates to the work I've been doing. I've been quiet on social media but a lot of projects have been happening in the back. I can't wait to share more! This also relates to the theme of this month's mood board. Funny story I wasn't going to even do a mood board this month but it was too perfect to pass up.

Download PDF • 19.52MB


Take the rest when needed. Take a moment to yourself each day because you definitely deserve it. Since this is my month to rest, I'm keeping things simple BUT giving you a chance to reflect and game plan for the rest of your year. You'll see what I mean when you go through these prompts.

  1. June moodboard

  2. June goals and manifestations

  3. Summer bucket list

  4. Your “in progress” list

  5. What motivates you

  6. Places to find inspiration

  7. What do you take pride in

  8. Books to read

  9. What makes me happy

  10. My new adventure today

  11. How do I press reset/refresh

  12. My top priorities

  13. A person you’re thankful for

  14. The best advice you received

  15. Where were you a year ago

  16. A way to celebrate

  17. Favorite things to do in your area

  18. A way to relax

  19. Brave means…

  20. My summer outfits

  21. If I were a fruit

  22. Shop local: brands to support

  23. Songs I always play

  24. Memories I associate with summer

  25. Areas to grow in

  26. Home stretch: what do in need to complete by the end of the month

  27. What fills my bucket

  28. Memories to never forget this month

  29. Photos I took this month

  30. June favorites



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