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Journal with me: MAY 2023


IT'S GONNA BE MAY! *sings in Justin Timberlake voice. YES SIS, I wait all year to say this one liner!

If you're reading and it's already May! Happy chapter 5 of 12.

It's officially Spring! It's the month to celebrate the special people we love; mothers, boys, teachers, wedding season, or graduates. On top of of those events, it's also my birthday month! YAY!


This is going to be a new thing. I worked so well with April, so I'm bringing it over to May. Here's my intentions that I wanted to share with you this month. Which one resonates with you?

Mindfulness May

May Magic


May Movement

  • MAY MAGIC! ✨ Good things are coming babes! I feel like a lot of us have been planning for this season and they are finally going to happen this month. Time to see some magic and make some manifestations happen!

  • MAMA MAY! 💕 It's an obvious one but everyday is mother's day ever since becoming a mommy. I'm taking this month in particular to soak in the mom moments and celebrate the blessings. Because just in case no one has told you, motherhood is the toughest hood there is. Cheers to me (and you mama bear) and all the amazing women and mother figures in your life.

  • MAY MOVEMENT!👏🏼 This is the season of making (more) moves in your life. Making moves for your health, moving things and making space for the important things in your life, and making moves for your ambitious plans. All of thee above sis! You got this!

  • MINDFULNESS MAY! 🌼 I'm also taking deep breaths. This is just the beginning. In times of hustle and WERK, the other half needs to be rooted (and sane). It's a reminder to give yourself grace while going through the gritty moments. It's a reminder to have some fun every once in a while too.


I started again... yes, I redid my bullet journal!