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Journal with me: MAY 2023


IT'S GONNA BE MAY! *sings in Justin Timberlake voice. YES SIS, I wait all year to say this one liner!

If you're reading and it's already May! Happy chapter 5 of 12.

It's officially Spring! It's the month to celebrate the special people we love; mothers, boys, teachers, wedding season, or graduates. On top of of those events, it's also my birthday month! YAY!


This is going to be a new thing. I worked so well with April, so I'm bringing it over to May. Here's my intentions that I wanted to share with you this month. Which one resonates with you?

Mindfulness May

May Magic


May Movement

  • MAY MAGIC! ✨ Good things are coming babes! I feel like a lot of us have been planning for this season and they are finally going to happen this month. Time to see some magic and make some manifestations happen!

  • MAMA MAY! 💕 It's an obvious one but everyday is mother's day ever since becoming a mommy. I'm taking this month in particular to soak in the mom moments and celebrate the blessings. Because just in case no one has told you, motherhood is the toughest hood there is. Cheers to me (and you mama bear) and all the amazing women and mother figures in your life.

  • MAY MOVEMENT!👏🏼 This is the season of making (more) moves in your life. Making moves for your health, moving things and making space for the important things in your life, and making moves for your ambitious plans. All of thee above sis! You got this!

  • MINDFULNESS MAY! 🌼 I'm also taking deep breaths. This is just the beginning. In times of hustle and WERK, the other half needs to be rooted (and sane). It's a reminder to give yourself grace while going through the gritty moments. It's a reminder to have some fun every once in a while too.


I started again... yes, I redid my bullet journal!

And I know....I did start a 2023 bullet journal in January like everyone else did. If I'm going to be honest, I didn't like how I was using my bullet journal. Something clicked in the last week of April that just made sense. Here's my epiphany:

I remembered what my friend of mine had mentioned about her journals. She starts her journals on HER BIRTHDAY MONTH...because it was the start HER YEAR. I absolutely LOVED that idea and found it the perfect moment to press redo.

What I HATED about my last bullet journal:

  • Incomplete (half assed) monthly trackers: It works for some...but not for me. I knew this but I don't know what possessed me. Maybe I'll try them in my weekly spreads vs a full page?

  • This journal was ALL plans and no journaling or documenting. I might as well used a generic planner. I still found myself scatterbrained and OFF. I deeply felt that. I promise this new bujo will be different.

  • I tried to keep this journal just for life related things: I'm in a special situation. My "work" and business is a part of my life. There's a thin line (if no line) when it comes to "work-life balance." This journal was not ebb and flowing with my life and felt stagnant. I tried to keep things separate for content purposes but now I'm journaling and posting whatever and whenever I like. May is going to be amazing!

What I'll be doing in my new bujo:


  • I'm going to be noting events in my life, Bujo Bae, and journaling all in one. I want to be able to look back and see it all. I'll be saving my set up for a different post. Stay tuned!


Here's something to note. Doing daily journal prompts should never feel like homework. Just take what you need and do them when you need to reflect or slow down. I admit, I don't journal everyday. Life happens and sometimes your girl is too tired. I usually do these at the end or in the mornings but you can also do them on Sundays or every 2 weeks. There's so many things in May, so there's going to be different kinds of journal prompts:

  1. May Day is lei day…what plant or flower do you resonate with?

  2. May goals

  3. What's on your bucket list?

  4. What's my best super power?

  5. Places you want to go?

  6. List reasons to smile?

  7. Your life in numbers

  8. Everything about me

  9. Something you’re learning, letting go of, and loving

  10. Your ideal week vs what it actually looks like

  11. Names that you adore?

  12. What are your non negotiable(s)?

  13. What's in your bag?

  14. How do you like to celebrate?

  15. Mindful Monday: What’s your love language and your loved one?

  16. Something you collect?

  17. Anagram of your name

  18. Something you’re craving?

  19. What's your most reoccurring feeling?

  20. Zodiac signs and qualities

  21. How do you really feel today? Why?

  22. What's your biggest dream

  23. List some acts of kindness

  24. If you were a color vs the color you like?

  25. Do you like savory or sweet?

  26. Create a self care menu

  27. Quotes to get you motivated

  28. Who are the people in your corner? and why?

  29. What's your birth flower and meaning?

  30. 5 things you cannot live without

  31. Favorite moments of May

IT'S ME ....HI!

I was just making some drama. I may have mentioned on Instagram that I wasn't going to do mood boards anymore. It was just a moment of weakness.... I just wasn't in the mood. LOL Of course I needed to have a mood board for my birthday month. If you're trying to spot a color palette or cohesive theme...there isn't really any. This mood board is all of my favorites and snippets about me. Here's some fun facts:

  • I'm a May Taurus

  • Favorite colors are emerald green and mauve. My favorite colors when I was a kid were green and orange. We are the same but different.

  • I love to wear neutrals

  • I like plants but wouldn't call myself a green thumb mama

  • My style would be described as modern boho

  • I'm a gold gal

  • Fruity candle smells are my jam

  • I love to travel, drink coffee, and get my nails done.

I'll share more things has they happen but so many things are changing in the background here at Bujo Bae HQ. I'm excited to be growing more in this season and to post all that good good. In the meantime, work on you, that bullet journal, and journal with some prompts and mood board. See you VERY soon.



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