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Journal with me: OCTOBER 2023 (Mood board & Journal prompts)


HELLO SPOOKY SEASON! It's official and the first month that kicks of the Holiday feels! The PSL cold brews had a month to settle into my blood stream and we are ready to kick of holiday season 2023! This year is flying by so quickly and flies by quicker every year. I've decided to not fight that anymore....and just be ahead of it and embrace the festive feels.

I'm feeling October has many dimensions to her and it can go either way this month. Unlike September it was pretty one or the other. Here's the vibes that you may be getting this upcoming month:





Let's expand a little more shall we:

  • 💪🏼OWN IT OCTOBER: Whether you look at the year in quarters or not...we are heading into what some people call Q4 season! Yay or yikes?! Not to alarm you but you got 3 months sis to end 2023 strong or prep for the new year! What's the game plan to pick up the momentum?

  • 🌈OPTIMISTIC OCTOBER: You're walking into the new month with a open mind and a fresh perspective. We love this too! It's officially a change in the season so we love a new start, new opportunities, and new energy. What signs have you been seeing lately?

  • OCTOBER OVERHAUL & ORGANIZE: Out with the old and in with the new! This may be a time to start new habits before the new year or get organized before the crazy holiday swing. It's the refresh we need to get focused and stay focused. What needs a new overhaul? What needs to get organized?

  • 💕OWE IT TO MYSELF OCTOBER: More treats and less tricks sis. I get it...If you have been feeling like you're falling behind on self care, this may be the time to get back to it! It's only going to get busier from here. So we're going to start with the basics and that's filling your cup first! So the question is what are you going to thank yourself for 3 to 6 months from now?

Personally....I feel EACH of these intentions to my core because I admit, I kind of got a lot going on! Which intension resonates with you?


Honestly, I didn't know it was possible but BAE made Halloween neutral! LOL Sorry not sorry. I totally thought I was going full orange and black this year, but I figured out a loop hole. Don't get mad at the fact this mood board has neutral tones....but at the same time are you that surprised? Did you expect anything less? (or more..COLOR)


I'm looking forward to journaling these prompts! They are giving October energy with Libra like and Scorpio themed questions (if you're into astrology). It's all about the types of intentions that you may have for the season and overall I hope you enjoy.

Most people don't know where, when, and how to journal daily. For beginners...keep it simple and don't put so much pressure on yourself to make it a whole production.


  • In the notes section of your phone

  • A list notepad designated for your October notes

  • At the bottom on your daily planner

  • Have a conversation with a loved one about it


  • Give yourself 5 - 15 minutes, whenever you have free time.

  • First thing in the morning

  • Right before bed

  • During your 12 step skincare routine


  • Create time, especially if it's a new habit

  • Set an alarm/reminder

  • Treat yourself to a new notepad or journal

  • Just do it....YOU CAN SIS, you can.

  1. What is your October intention? What are 3 goals for the rest of the year?

  2. Make a manifestation

  3. Make your bucket list for the season

  4. What am I looking forward to?

  5. How I can I stay/be present?

  6. What's your favorite quotes

  7. What's some of your worse nightmares/fears?

  8. Do you believe in being or having balance?

  9. Who is your superhero?

  10. What is your go to party trick?

  11. Treats or recipes you want to try?

  12. Do you tend to resist or embrace change?

  13. Are you superstitious?

  14. What were my favorite activities as a child, and do I still do them today?

  15. What are some toxic traits have? Or toxic people in my life?

  16. 3 things I love about myself

  17. If I were a candle?

  18. List ways you can investing in your mind, body, and soul?

  19. Fall clean out? What are things you need to organize before the holiday season?

  20. Favorite way to deal with negative vibes?

  21. What is your inner dialog like?

  22. What have you done this year that you're proud of so far?

  23. What do you want to achieve before the year ends?

  24. Do you believe in magic?

  25. List your greatest comforts.

  26. List things you want to be known for.

  27. A perspective shift that you made

  28. How can you treat yourself today?

  29. List ways you can rest, reset, and recover?

  30. What era are you in or entering?

  31. Highlights from your month

Download PDF • 31.91MB



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