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Journal with me: SEPTEMBER 2023 (& MOOD BOARD)


We are back! Did you miss this? August was crazy busy and the vibes were not vibing when it came to our monthly mood boards. So I took a well needed break and we are ready to start this Fall season!

A lot has happened since the last post and I wanted to share what I've been up to.... and ALSO what is to come!

BUT FIRST, let me catch you up!

  • MINDFUL MINI collection made it's launching debut at Made in Hawaii August 18th. We sold 100 copies in the first couple of days. I didn't know what to expect (and honestly I was a little nervous) but you all loved it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • BAE survived Made in Hawaii! With less than a year from last year's Made in Hawaii festival we took on three day major event....also in the thick of my second trimester. This week are still in recovery mode but we are thriving.


This season comes up quicker and quicker every year. It's still August and I saw Halloween (and even Christmas) merch in stores. I'm trying to press the breaks but at the same time if I get my PSL quicker. I can't be mad at it.

I have a couple of new products and will be restocking a couple of your favorites for the holidays! A lot of you shared what is a must for your stationery hauls...and I was all ears! Stay tuned for a:

  • Pen restock! With some of your favorite sayings (and new sayings too)!

  • Release of to do list notepads! Again...some restocks and even more new new!




I'm definitely starting my month with a Slay Bae kind of attitude but planning on ending it with a soft girl kind of mood. How about you?

It's been go go this Summer season and I'm ready to finish strong and start a little bit of nesting. Personally, I'll be on the cusp of starting the third trimester of my pregnancy by the end of September...and if you've been pregnant before, you know exactly what I mean.

SLAY BAE SEPTEMBER: ✨It's all about getting it done. Creating a game plan to crush the rest of the year, keeping focused, and continuing to make your manifestations happen! I'm calling you butter because sis you're on a roll!

SOFT GIRL SEPTEMBER: 🌼 We are in rest, nesting, and starting recovery mode. We are preparing for all the cozy vibes of the season and prepping earlier for the holidays...because we're still on it.


You probably missed these journal prompts too. I took an even longer break on these but as promised we are back with our normal monthly wellness routine. Honestly, this is a random collection of prompts but it's the only way to get us back into it again.

1. List your September goals

2. What’s on your bucket list for the month?

3. What’s your mood for the month? Slay September or Soft girl September?

4. Do you like change? Why or why not?

5. Today I will...

6. What are your favorite meals and treats

7. List things that you would want to be known for

8. Ways you can be intentional today

9. Shows on your list to watch or rewatch

10. Things you want to add to your life

11. Mantra for your Monday

12. Tuesday Tip: What's a tip to thinking more positively?

13. Word of the day

14. Thursday thought

15. Friday favorite

16. Saturday song

17. Sunday self care

18. How can you keep yourself more organized as life gets busier

19. How can you be more helpful?

20. Currently craving...

21. List your greatest comforts

22. Write a letter to a family member

23. List your favorite things about Fall

24. Names you go by and how you rate them

25. What’s your ideal morning?

26. Lyrics that you love

27. What are some of your biggest distractions

28. List my essentials to keep me on track

29. Create a game plan for the 4 months left in 2023

30. What did this month teach you?

After a busy month like August, I wanted to get back to bullet journaling a little more intentionally this month. It was ALL about check lists but in September there will be a balance of both. This inspiration was sparked by my silhouette working again! LOL This means I could make mood boards and stickers from home again. Here's whats in the rest of my set up for September:

  • Monthly cover page: THEME The birth flower of September...morning glories.

  • Currently page: I'll be doing a check in on the 1st and 30th of September


  • One line a day: I'll be jotting down highlights or something I am grateful for that day.

  • To do list with a brain dump

Download PDF • 26.46MB

The mood board this month is a mix of August Summer chill vibes and September Fall moods and hues. I ended up with peach pink tones and light khaki. I started to get witchy with some moons and stars but not in a Halloween way. I want to think of it as more of being inspired by the different phases and seasons that we may be going through.

Thank you for your love and patience when it comes to online content like this. I know you all missed it. Have an amazing September sis!



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