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JWM: December Journal Prompts (& bujo set up)

"Santa Bae Bae!"

It's the HO HO Holiday season, chapter 12 of 12, and Mariah Carey is officially defrosted. It's that time of year when it gets extra festive, super busy, and start feeling all of the feels. You feel me?! I'm honestly still processing November but this month's bullet journal set up and journal prompts have been helping me realize we are in the final weeks of the year. Before we dive into the set up, here's the last set of journal prompts!

  1. December goals

  2. Festive bucket list

  3. Favorite festive recipe

  4. Small businesses to support

  5. My wishlist

  6. If you could travel anywhere

  7. Holiday playlist

  8. Act of kindness

  9. Your favorite quotes

  10. Whats your todo list?

  11. Gift ideas?

  12. Something that brings you hope?

  13. Do you believe in miracles?

  14. What holiday character would you be?

  15. List words to describe your personality

  16. Fun fact about yourself

  17. List everything you consider a treat

  18. what's a holiday tradition?

  19. Favorite Holiday movies

  20. Whats on your Christmas tree?

  21. Who or what lights you up?

  22. Your favorite Christmas song?

  23. List the merriest people you know and the grinches?

  24. List Christmas puns

  25. Favorite Christmas outfit

  26. List this years achievements

  27. Your year in numbers

  28. List ways you invested in your happiness this year

  29. List happiest moments of your year

  30. Intension for the new year

For this final mood board of the year, I decided to add a Winter season bucket list too! What's your favorite holiday traditions?

  • Take family photos & send out holiday cards

  • Get matching holiday PJs

  • Holiday parties

  • Bake and decorate ginger bread

  • Buy an ornament for Isla

  • Game plan for 2023

  • Shop and support local businesses

Download PDF • 34.34MB

There's a lot of bujo holiday themed pages that can be done for your December set up. At this moment I'm love doing a CURRENTLY page. With the holidays being so crazy busy it's always good to check in with yourself in the beginning or even in the midst of the season. You can give yourself any prompts that you want to but I've come up with a quick check list; I call it the 6 L's:

  1. LOVING...

  2. LEARNING...





I can't wait to see your mood boards, Dececmber monthly set up, and journal spreads. Tag me and hashtag #journalwithBUJOBAE

XO, Jenna

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