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JWM: December Journal Prompts (& bujo set up)

"Santa Bae Bae!"

It's the HO HO Holiday season, chapter 12 of 12, and Mariah Carey is officially defrosted. It's that time of year when it gets extra festive, super busy, and start feeling all of the feels. You feel me?! I'm honestly still processing November but this month's bullet journal set up and journal prompts have been helping me realize we are in the final weeks of the year. Before we dive into the set up, here's the last set of journal prompts!

  1. December goals

  2. Festive bucket list

  3. Favorite festive recipe

  4. Small businesses to support

  5. My wishlist

  6. If you could travel anywhere

  7. Holiday playlist

  8. Act of kindness

  9. Your favorite quotes

  10. Whats your todo list?

  11. Gift ideas?

  12. Something that brings you hope?

  13. Do you believe in miracles?

  14. What holiday character would you be?

  15. List words to describe your personality

  16. Fun fact about yourself