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JWM: November Journal Prompts (& mood board)

"Alexa, make Thanksgiving dinner!"

It's that month to count your blessings not the calories. It's a month that reminds us to be thankful for the blessings and learning lessons. I have to admit when I was a kid, November wasn't my favorite month. It was always a drag and I felt myself wanting to skip immediately to December....and open Christmas gifts (duh!)

Nowadays, November not only gives me a breather before the holiday season but gives me a moment to appreciate all of the good going on before the craziness. And in all honesty we're just waiting for Micheal Buble and Mariah Carey to defrost. In the meantime, tis the season to get grounded. If you're like me, the lists are getting longer, so it's even more of a reason to keep your mindset in check.

When it comes to doing these journal prompts, do them when it works for you. You can journal daily in the mornings or at night. Save them for the end of the week or start fresh on a Monday with a good mindset cleanse. There's no right or wrong, just journal with me.

1. November goals

2. National Stress day: When you feel overwhelmed, what do you to manage it.

3. Start your gratitude list

4. List some recipes to try for the holiday season

5. Something you like that is out of the ordinary

6. Your favorite breakfast

7. List your nonnegotiables for your AM & PM routine

8. If you were a type of weather...

9. What are the qualities you love about other people

10. Qualities that you love about yourself

11. Lists things in your life that you can control

12. What is your favorite word?

13. Three triumphs of the day

14. Indoor activities to do

15. A place that made you feel like you were at home

16. What DIY project have you wanted to try

17. Do you have pet peeves?

18. The energy I want to cultivate

19. Ways that you set health boundaries

20. Someone you look up to?

21. If you could spend a day any where, where would you be?

22. Make a shopping list

23. Your favorite recipe

24. Something you're thankful for

25. Something black

26. Small business you support

27. Do you like to eat left overs?

28. Shop online or shop in person?

29. Giving Tuesday: What could you give away?

30. Describe yourself in 10 words

This month's mood board is MOOD-DY but very on brand for the Fall season. It's all about rest, gratitude, manifesting, gathering and getting cozy. Can you just smell the warm lattes and candle light? #BUJOBAETIP I've been using these mood board kits to theme my week! Yes I have a pre-dated planner (don't cancel me) I'm just giving your some idea options.

Download PDF • 33.21MB

There's a lot of bujo pages that can be done during November. Here's some that you could add to your monthly set up:

  • Gratitude log or One line a day - This one is an obvious one but very necessary. It comes in handy when life gets busy to take a moment to slow down and smell the roses.

  • Early Holiday shopping gift list - This journal spread may sound crazy but you dont want to be the crazy person scrambling the week before Christmas shopping for people. ALSO it's a great opportunity to support small or local businesses. Markets and pop ups are happening this coming month...there's no such thing as being too early.

  • Mood tracker - The holidays are a happy season but also may be a stressful or even sad time for others. Tracking your mood, triggers, and knowing what helps you cope during stressful times can help comfort you through the holidays.

  • Habit tracker - If you're ambitious and want to start early on your New Year, new me habits. Starting small and early is always a good idea. Track habits like work outs, taking vitamins, drinking enough water, or getting enough sleep.

  • Fall and or Holiday bucket list - Whether you have kids or not, you want to be festive and do all the jolly things to wrap up the new year. Give yourself a moment to get into the Holiday cheer.

I can't wait to see your mood boards, November monthly set up, and journal spreads. Tag me and hashtag #journalwithBUJOBAE

XO, Jenna

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