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JWM: October Journal Prompts (& mood board)

"Oh my gourd, it's finally SPOOKY SEASON!"

Tis the season to get spooky! I'm a little late this month when it comes to the monthly blog post but a lot has been going on (all at once). Along with prepping for the holiday season, I'm doing a million things at once other than Bujo Bae things. I'm sure you feel the same. Setting up for October was the perfect way for me to reel it all in, get centered and present. We are on the cusp of the holiday season and know these months are going to fly by. But for now take it one day at a time with me:

1. What's your go to coffee drink? 2. October goals 3. Fall bucket list 4. List your phobias 5. Tips to be brave 6. October mood board 7. It's National inner beauty day: what's your best trait? 8. Things to manifest for Fall 9. If you could be an age for the rest of your life, what age would that be? 10. Things I am loving 11. What makes you feel powerful? 12. If you could use a potion or spell, what would it be? 13. Whom is your favorite celebrity icon 14. Your worst nightmare 15. Costume ideas 16. Whats your aesthetic 17. What super power would want? 18. Piercings or tattoos? 19. If you were a crystal 20. Whats your intention for the day? 21. Favorite fall outfit 22. If you were a witch... 23. What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail? 24. What's your favorite crystal? 25. Do you believe in superstitions? 26. Favorite candles 27. List some obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your goals? 28 It's National chocolate day: If you were chocolate... 29. Saturday song 30. If I were candy 31. Favorite October moments

This month's mood board is obvious but when a little BAE touch to it! I've never been a Halloween person because I was never into the spooky stuff but since being a girl mom, I feel like it's almost mandatory to create that festive spirit. Here's how I do Halloween: traditional colors of course but in a pastel pinkish hue, Halloween puns, and lots of treats!