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Plan with me : 2021 Bujo set up

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

"New bujo, who dis?!"

I’m so excited for my 2021 bullet journal! I’ve always liked the feeling of fresh starts and new beginnings. Plus, I’m a sucker for new notebooks. I like to start a new bullet journal with a mini plan in mind and ask myself how and what I'd like to use my journal. When it comes to my themes and layouts I'm pretty minimal and use a theme with one color. This year my plan is to use way more colors in a spread while still keeping layouts minimal.



For the bujo beginner starting out all you really need is a pencil, some pens, and a dotted grid notebook. In previous years I’ve used an A5 Leuchtturm dotted notebook but this year I’m going to switch things up. This year I’ll be using an A5 Archer and Olive dotted notebook!

I have nothing against Leuchtturm notebooks at all. The reason why I'm switching to an Archer and Olive notebook is only because of the paper thickness. Since the plan is to use more color, I don't want to worry about pages ghosting if I decide to use paint or layer different colors.


My favorite pen to use for my layouts are the Sakura pigma mircon pens. They come in different sizes and tips but my go-to sizes are 005, 01, 05, 08 and 2.

For everyday writing I use the refillable Uni Style fit pens. They also come in different tips and my preference is 0.38 tip. I like these pens because they can be refilled and they don't smear.

When I feel fancy and want to add more style to my spreads I use my white Sakura gelly roll pens in white or gold, Mildliner highlighters, and Archer and Olive Acrylograph Pens.

Now let's get started

When it comes to keeping a bullet journal there are absolutely no rules. My journal ebbs and flows with my life giving me the creative freedom to scrapbook, journal, or plan. Because there’s no rules, taking on a new notebook can be overwhelming for anyone. This year I’ll be carrying over spreads I used in the past but also include some new spreads to my 2021 set up. This is probably the most elaborate bujo set up to date. Honestly, that’s why I decided to start my new bullet journal in December. I have so many layouts that I wanted to try. Here’s some inspiration and ideas for you to start your new year.

  1. Title page with 2021 - This first page can be anything else like a quote to jump start your new year or a word of the year! I decided to go with just the year and a floral theme. It was a good excuse to use my new Archer and Olive acrylic pens.

  2. Grid guide page - I used this page a lot last year. It’s one of those good reference pages to have. This saved me so much time as I created my spreads.

  3. Key - I recommend this page for anyone who is starting to bullet journal. I decided to put this in my set up this year because I really liked the quote I placed with it. Overall use a system that works naturally for you.

  4. Future log - A future log is another must have in your bujo set up. It’s a place to keep any future events or plans beyond the month your in. This is the most tedious page to do but worth it!

  5. Year in Polaroids - This is a new spread that I’m adding this year. Usually I would journal my highlights at the end of each month or even scrapbook my highlights but I recently got a Instax printer so why not?! Disclaimer, you definitely don’t need a Polaroid camera for this spread. I’ve seen people doodle their highlights or just print out their favorite photos.

  6. Vision board - This spread comes from the quote “when you visualize it, then you materialize it.” This is another new spread that I’m adding to my set up. I usually create a dream board on a poster sized paper hanging by my desk. I figured why not have it in my bujo too? This page really got me re-inspired because we all need some inspiration after a year like 2020, am I right?

  7. Level 10 life - This concept is from the book “The Miracle Morning.” I’ve never read the book but I’ve seen this spread a lot in other bullet journals with a circle layout. In the past I’ve listed my goals but never used my goals page beyond that. I hope to use this spread to keep tabs on my goals this year. The concept of this spread is to take a personal snapshot of 10 things in your life, scoring it from 0 to 10. Then create goals based on the difference of the score you gave it. For example if you gave your finances a 6/10, you’d create 4 goals to make it a level 10. I plan to do check ins with myself monthly.

  8. Currently page - I love doing this spread so much! This is another spread that takes a snapshot of you and also acts as a check in. It’s fun to look back at these spreads and compare if things changed. I would do this spread in the beginning or ending of months. I’m a fan of taking personal inventory in order to reset and reflect.

  9. 21 before 2021 - Or also known as the bucket list spread. 2020 was a challenge but I’m hopeful 2021 will be better for new exciting things.

  10. My list of list - This page is self explanatory. If you’re like me, you have a ton of ideas or things to keep track of. A layout like this is more of a reference and keeps all of your thoughts in one place.

  11. Full and New moons of 2021 - Bonus spread: If you're a star child and like to know the energies of the moon, this is a good way to end your bullet journal set up. Now you’re ready to dive into January.

XO, Jenna

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