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Plan with me: August 2021 Bullet journal

New month means new mood: focused and fabulous

There was so much to love about August's bullet journal theme and set up! Everything about it, from the doodles, color palette, habit tracker (yes, yo girl did a tracker), and weekly spreads made it a pretty successful month. This was the first month in a while that we had absolutely nothing major planned. We had no short inter-island trips, coffee dates, or even Isla's doctor check ups. It was free game to get focused and back to the basics. However it gave me creative freedom to be anything but basic.

My goal this month was to get back to taking care of me. As a mom, I wouldn't prioritize myself in doing the little things and slowly fell to the way side...and sis, I felt it! Isla made 9 months this month...I figured it was about that time to make some little changes. Here are the layouts that helped me get back to being me.

Bujo Bae Favorites from August 2021:

I have to admit this month was my favorite theme so it was pretty hard to narrow it down but these spreads were thee definition of pretty and functional. These spreads either helped me reflection, get to work or all of the above.



When you are your own hype woman, it can do wonders. My love language was never words of affirmation, so this habit is definitely something that I had to practice daily. There's 2 ways you can use this page. You could either write affirmations for the month if you need that boost right away and read it every morning as a part of your routine. Or you can write one affirmation each day. My favorite mantra for this month was:

"I am getting stronger and better each day."