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Plan with me: June 2021 Bullet journal set up

"The key to SUCCESS is start before you are READY." - Marie Forleo

I have a confession: It's currently September 2021 and I'm only uploading June's content now. (Insert cringe here) Enough said, you must understand the struggle...these last couple of months have been busy. I hesitated blogging these "Plan with me" videos and tips because it's so late in the year. However, I learned a ton each month and felt like I should be documenting these growth moments.

June was an interesting month and the start of a few of new beginnings. I decided to take the leap and start a Patreon while trying to find my footing as a stay at home mom for only 2 months.

Call it a surge of "can do" new mom hormones but I honestly don't know why I added more to my plate than I needed to. Looking back 10/10 would probably not recommend.

This first month was a success but not as smooth sailing as I thought. It was filled of watching Youtube videos on video editing, learning the in's and out's of marketing and promotion, and learning social media trends. I definitely overlooked the life of being a "content creator."

Now that I've painted a picture and now reflecting back, here's what June has taught me:

1. Planning is different from time blocking

Having a check list is great but understanding how long each task will take (while considering your day to day interruptions) will set you up better for success...and emotional battering. Especially as a new mom I had unrealistic expectations of how much I could accomplish in a day. I had a long daunting list for the day but only completed 1-2 things if I was lucky. #bujobaetip Give yourself 3 top priorities to complete for that day vs a huge list. It's all about the smaller wins that built a healthy productive momentum.

2. Don't compare yourself to others

This is easier said than done and was my mantra all of June. It constantly had to remind myself that these are all new skills that I'm learning. Yes, I had a natural eye for taking flat lays but never have I ever edited videos and ran a subscription type business. ( AND while being a new mom) #bujobaetip Give yourself grace. Take inspiration from others around you but never compare your page 1 to someone else's volume 3.