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Plan with me: September 2021 Bullet journals

"New beginning aren't always a new place, it's a new mindset."

SIS! Your girl is getting on it this month and finally making a slow yet progressive presence. Now that I've learned the ins and out of being a "content creator," I can feel more like me and create more. I was pretty bummed about this but it turned out to be the perfect time to make a change. I ran out of space in my Archer and Olive notebook, so I made a huge switch!

I'm now using a Passion Planner journal and it is so much bigger than my A5 notebook. My learning lesson this month was using my large (8.5 x 11.25 in) notebook but still stay true to my minimal style of bullet journaling.


  • Passion Planner ELITE dotted Journal (Large)

  • Sakura Pigma Micron pens (Tips: 2, 08, 05, 01, and 005)

  • DecoColor Liquid gold pain marker (Extra Fine)

  • Dual Tip Brush Pens (Brown: 047)

"Alexa play "September" by Earth, Wind, and Fire"

This post will be just as short as my set up. It was quite simple because I'll be traveling this month and I'll be on the road. My set up in my Passion Planner focused on an all in one monthly spread. #bujobaetip Colors and symbols are your best friend when you want to organize so many things but keep your bujo minimal and clean.



YAS! A traveler's notebook! I've always wanted to start one but never had a reason to....and with COVID-19, major trips have been off the table. However, should have done a traveler's notebook sooner!...So I could have a reason to buy more cute mini notebooks! Hehe