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What kind of bujo style is perfect for you?

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

"The world needs you to be you."

The beauty of starting a bullet journal is that you can make it into anything you want it to be. The ultimate goal for a bullet journal is a notebook that you want to open and use every day. It can be a collection of references, field notes for those random "a-ha" moments, a self-care journal, or a pretty checklist. Does any of these resonate with you? Ask yourself, what would you like to get done?

There's so much inspiration out there and honestly, it can be overwhelming. Below are some helpful profiles and page ideas that may help get you started.

Goal getter

You're a goal setter who gets it done by the due date...or even before. That's why you're here first on the top of the list. You're the kind of person who needs more space for your dreams, vision boards, and goals. You definitely need more planning pages than a regular planner can give you. Here's what you need:

• Vision board

• Booklist

• Level 10 Life

• Future log (for 1 year, 5 years, and 10-year road map)

• Goal getter affirmation page

• Weekly layouts with time blocks

• Goals and reflection page (this one is obvious but important that you don't forget this one)

Studious student

I was there too but I didn't have a bullet journal. I don't know how I kept things organized... honestly, I probably didn't. But as I remember being a student, you have classes to go to, tests to take, assignments to complete. Also, you have a guilty pleasure for fresh notebooks and pens. Study aesthetic gets you in the mood and coffee runs through your veins. Your bujo may have similar nods to a goal getter bujo but here's how you would make your bujo different:

• Routine/ class schedule

• Weekly spreads with time blocks

• Favorite study playlist

• Booklists

• Workout tracker

• Budget tracker

• Bucket list

• Favorite pen page

The Influencer

Click, click, click and post...AND stay organized! We all know Instagram isn't so instant nowadays. It takes planning to have the right aesthetic, make sure your feed is on point, and know what you're doing for the next season. You're a content creator and want to share it with others. You know the trends and planning for the next season. You're that chic planning holiday content in the summer...You sis need a bujo in your life:

• Social media content planner

• Growth tracker

• Best times to post page

• Blogger affirmations

• Brain dump (ideas for future content)

• Dream list or project list

• Hashtags or captions page

• Mood board because you know... aesthetic

• Future log (separated by season)

Fit and fabulous

Staying healthy is your lifestyle. Going to the gym or being active at home (because you know COVID) is important to you. It's exciting to track your progress and get those endorphins flowing. Isn't it obvious a bujo fits perfectly?

• Goals page

• Magic morning page

• Motivation mottos

• Tracker (for workouts, water intake, sleep, periods, cheat days)

• Measurements tracker

• Monthly schedule of workouts

• Budget plan (Because you know meal prep, yoga pants, and produce ain't cheap)

• Weekly shopping list

• Bucket list of recipes

A minimalist

Your aesthetic is simple. Plain is pretty to you. You like your plans organized, direct, and don't need the glitter and fluffy stuff...if you're feeling spontaneous, you may treat yourself to some black geometric washi tape or doodle. You may be an artist of some sort but need a journaling space to give your mind a break. You could get a planner but want your plans to be just so. Here are the essentials:

• Future log

• Monthly calendar

• Weekly or daily spreads

• A grid layout guide

• Project list or doddle page

• A list of lists

• Capsule wardrobe

• When did you last...

• Monthly review or reflection page

• Favorite quotes

Preggers and poppin'

Believe me, I was there too; waddling, forgetting things mid-sentence, and coffee deprived. You have so many ideas and excited for your baby to be. If it's your first pregnancy, you won't regret keeping one for memories down the years or even have a reference for your second pregnancy. You're the mama doing her research while thinking about how to do baby's nursery, and daydreaming about what baby is going to wear. Okay, that last part may just be me. Here are some pages that helped me or I wish I would have done:

• Future log (separated by trimesters)

• Currently page

• Trimester checklist

• Mood board for nursery, baby style, and your bump style

• Information page about vitamins

• Budget tracker

• Meal plan and prego friendly workout ideas

• Weekly bump page

• Packing list for hospital bag or babymoon

• Journal prompts (Letters to your baby)

Oh hey, mama!

Whether you're a new mama or have 6 kids you might be telling yourself..."Who has time for a journal? You just do it!" This is more of a reason to have one. You have a mental checklist and the majority of the time have your life (and child's life) together. But admit it, mom brain is real. You have moments of clarity, forget it the next second, then remember it 2 weeks later when you're showering. Mama, you must have these pages so we don't go crazy:

• Future log (Separated in categories of you, your partner, and child or children)

• Mama affirmation page

• Ongoing mass to-do list

• Self-care challenge page or self-care bingo page

• Skincare routine

• Bucket list

• Funny things your kid says

• Mommy and daughter or son date ideas

• Ideal day

• Meal plan and shopping lis

Wanderlust traveler

Do I need to say more? You travel or dream of traveling again (because you know COVID). You want to remember moments forever and like to look back at the roads you've traveled. Whether you have an agenda or not, you need a space to keep your travels organized. You want a place to put your photos in a style that's not your grandma's photo album. Here's how to book it:

• Bucket lists of places to travel

• A separate list of food to try with your reviews

• Photos placed in a collage layout or by week with journaling.

- (Traveling journaler's tip: collect glue-able things along the way like business cards, stickers, receipts, ticket stubs, or menus)

• Pack lists

• Future log

• Travel wardrobes based on season

• Mood board

• Budget tracker...(isn't this obvious?)

Miss (or Mister) Mindful

No, it's not the same diary you wrote in middle school. You're on a mental health journey, need a cleanse from media, or need a tool to help you reflect or be present. This is less of a to-do list notebook but more so pages for your self-care. I'm excited for you and here to help you out!

• Self-care menu

• Currently page

• Mood tracker

• Monthly affirmations

• Check-in questions

• Gratitude log

• One line a day

• Pages of research catered around your health: (ie vitamins, sustainable products, crystals, or moon phases, yoga, whole 30)

• Word, phrase, or doodle of the day

You may relate to some or all of these kinds of bullet journaling styles. The key is to bujo for you and do you. This is a tool to help you navigate life without a boring planner.

XO, Jenna

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